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Woman of Ankh Priestess Training & Mentorship

The Woman of Ankh Priestess Training course is for those individuals who have completed the Woman Of Ankh Practitioners training course and are ready to lead and teach others.

As a priestess initiate, you will be trained by High Priestess Ankhimaat Amen.  

Your training will include

  • Learning to hold sacred space with healing and womb circles.

  • Working with the moon cycles and holding new and full moon ceremonies.

  • Planning and holding space in the form of retreats throughout the year.

  • Mastering womb trauma release healing techniques

  • Guiding meditation

​Most importantly, you will lead and teach others the way of the Woman Of Ankh. Your training will include teaching future Woman of Ankh Practitioners. This is a 12-month training, and you will be required to actively take part in live events.

Once you graduate you will hold the title of a Woman Of Ankh Priestess with certifications as a

  • Woman of Ankh Mentor

  • Woman of Ankh Practitioner

  • Fibroid Release Specialist

  • Detoxification Specialist

  • Yoni Steam Practitioner

  • Womb Trauma Release Practitioner

  • Woman of Ankh Healing Circle Facilitator

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