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Discover Your Path to being a  Womb Wellness Practitioner with
High Priestess LaShun Teboh

Welcome to Ankh Academy of Holistic Healing, one of the leading training academy  of  Womb Wellness & Womb Energy Healing,  High Priestess, LaShun teaches a wide range of techniques designed to help you become a successful womb healer.

Schedule a Discovery Session to learn more about the class schedule, enrollment requirements pricing and more.  

Start Your Journey
to Becoming a Holistic Womb Wellness Practitioner 

BllLearn more by scheduling a discovery session 


Our Wombs connects us physically.  Our mitochondrial DNA connects us energetically.  Our ancestors and the universe connect us spiritually. 


We are the divine in its feminine manifestation.


I am honored to share the knowledge that I have obtained through experience and downloads from the divine. 


The Woman Of Ankh Womb Wellness Training is a program designed for those that are ready to elevate in their own healing and start a womb wellness business.  

8 Day Virtual Womb Energy Practitioner Training!! 

Once your training is completed you will be able to....


  • Start a holistic womb wellness business

  • Perform a detailed womb assessment

  • Provide yoni steaming services

  • Create Custom Yoni steam herb blends

  • Assist clients with fibroids, PCOS, and endometriosis effectively

  • Coach your clients along their journey with 5 effective steps to healing.

  • Create and use castor oil & clay detox packs.

  • Energetically balance your client's womb energy.

  • Perform release ceremonies. 

8 Day Online Training only $1111
Oct 13-19, 2024


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